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At LRS Consulting, we love to work with local businesses in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan .  With the advancements in communication we are also capable of working with small businesses all over North America .  Below is a description of our online service packages and prices.  Contact Sean (sean@lrsconsulting.ca) or Randy (rstefan@lrsconsulting.ca) to get started today!

**Warning** These prices won’t last long!  They are set extremely low to reward the early adopters.  Once our client list grows, our time will become much more valuable, forcing us to charge inflated prices to the second wave of clients.  Let’s get started today to help you achieve long term success using the internet to market your small business.

Email Marketing Package                                                                $149/month  

Have you ever wanted to market your promotions, sales, offers, and special events directly to your customers?  Mass media advertising works, but sometimes the payoff just doesn’t justify the cost.  And no matter how much advertising you do, you just can’t reach all of your customers because some won’t read the paper, listen to the radio, or watch television.  But what if you had a way to contact your customers directly?

Our email marketing package allows you to contact your customers directly to notify them of anything important going on with your business.  We add a customer sign up form to your website so you can start building your customer list without doing any data entry.  If you have already started to build a list we can import your Excel files into our database. 

We will design html graphic email templates to allow you to send eye-catching correspondence that integrates your company logo and colours.  When people sign up to receive your emails they will receive a double-opt in email auto responder to verify their emails.  When we send mailings to your list, we will provide you with detailed listing of open and click through rates to allow you to track the results of each email.  We also look after unsubscribe features, allowing your customers to opt-out of your email list.  This takes care of Can-Spam regulations to make sure your correspondence is on the up and up.

For this low monthly fee you can directly communicate with your customers as many times as you want.  You can provide the content yourself, or provide us with some guidelines and have us write it for you.

Email Marketing Package Plus++                                                    $349/month

If you see the value in the Email Marketing Package but see the opportunity to do more, this package is for you.  The Email Marketing Package Plus++ takes our Email Marketing Package and puts it on steroids! 

You’ll be able to integrate an endless amount of customer sign up forms into your website.  This means that you can create email auto-responders and follow up marketing campaigns that are targeted at your customer’s individual interests.  This package is great for running contests and special promotions through your website.  Asking people to sign up at a specific form allows you to measure the results of all the advertising you do.  Finally you will be able to measure the returns your radio, billboard, print, and television campaigns are bringing you.

With this package you can arrange to send your customers an e-card automatically on their birthday and anniversary with an optional coupon or special offer.  We can even send out a reminder to your customers 5-10 days in advance of their birthday or anniversary to take advantage of a special offer that you have for them. 

Let us build your email marketing program for the bargain basement price of $349/month.  Again, this will involve no data entry on your part and we maintain your customer list for you.  This package includes everything from the Email Marketing Package and more.  You can write the content yourself or work with us to create it for you.

Online Marketing Services                                                               $799/month  

Let us build your business online.  The internet is the best tool that you can use to market your business.  Instead of spending hours learning how to do it right, outsource your online marketing to LRS Consulting.  For less than the cost of another employee, you get the online portion of your business taken care of.

To start, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the objectives you have for your business.  After that we’ll put together an online marketing plan to help you reach your goals.  Our online marketing programs help you build your brand through the internet and will target your customers to get them to take action.

Without getting into the geeky details of this package, think online video, blogs, search engine optimization, email marketing, website design, Squidoo lenses, and anything new that comes up in the world of internet marketing.  This service is perfect for small business owners that know they need to get on the internet, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it.  We’ve got the knowledge.  We’ve done it for other businesses.  Let us do it for you.

Hire a Marketing Department                                                          $1499/month  

Business guru Peter Drucker once said “Marketing and innovation are the only two business functions that make money; everything else is just a cost”.  If that saying is true, why doesn’t your small business have a marketing department?  Maybe because the traditional nature of being a small business owner has left you wearing all the hats and short on budget.  But for less than the price of hiring a full time employee you get a team of marketers at your disposal.

With the “Hire a Marketing Department” package, Randy and Sean Stefan become your marketing resource.  We’ll create your marketing plan, write your ads, arrange your media buying, coordinate and implement your online marketing, build your referral programs, and track the results of your marketing so you’ll know what’s working and what needs to be revamped.     

A la Carte Services                                                                            Built to Suit  

Like our ideas but not sure if our packages are exactly right for your small business?  Let us build a package to meet your needs.  Whether it’s the one time creation of an online video series for your website, optimizing your blog for the search engines, building a website, or anything else you can think of, we can do it.  No job is too big or too small.  Bring us your problems and your ideas and we’ll help you find a solution.  We’re consultants, this is what we do.

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